Hello and welcome to my shop!
Here you will find accessories for all types of prams, suitable for every age group, such as for babies, toddlers …etc.
I sew footmuffs, seat covers, belt protectors, bags, handle covers and and more …
There is a large selection of beautiful cotton fabrics, terry cloth, fleece, etc., from which I lovingly handcraft your desired items.
Depending on your preference, I can also embroider them.
All fabrics that you find with me are made in the EU and America. They were tested positively by “Ökotest” and are suitable for babies and small children.
I would be happy to help you with your selection and answer your questions!
I am sure that you will find the right one in my shop!
Have lots of fun with it !
Kind regards, Elena
Here you can contact me by email.
Email : info@buggytextil.com